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wild Beasts



a play in three acts   by c.t. veitch

Wild Beasts in Love (2019) - a play in three acts

A man and a woman fall recklessly in love and must deal with the consequences in separate and different ways.

(Painting by Patrick Newmark)







a novel            
by c.t. veitch

Housewife (2020) - a novel 

In the future, Housewives are hired as companions to recently widowed, often rich and powerful men. Their jobs are to aide in the separation process and humanization of death. On what will be her last job, La Femme must escape from the perils of love and what lays beyond. 

Broad Language (May 2017) - short story collection

A man and his obsession with soap; a woman and her failing career; alarm clocks; commuter woes; ex-boyfriends; haunted houses; a man and his tombstone; jealousy and the origin of birds.

The stories within Broad Language are nostalgic, reflective and familiar, picking apart everyday life and seeing human beings as imperfect and heartbreaking subjects.